Mini-Comic Month 2024

Well, it is offically December, meaning its Mini-Comic Month now... Everybody knows this. Because its real, and a thing. And not something that we here at CRAM books just made up.

In the spirit of the season, we are taking submissions to print your Mini-Comics. CRAM is a small operation (meaning we don't have money) but we would like to boost some artists by taking care of the production (meaning we will pay you in books). Here are the terms:

We, CRAM books, will print a run of 500 books and will split the run with you 60%/40%, us taking 300, you taking 200. The book will be Risograph printed with a up to 4 colors for the cover and 2 colors for the guts and assembled by us. All rights to the work are yours and we will not print more copies of your book(unless we argee on something later).

We understand that this is not ideal for everyone, as selling books requires tabling at shows or having a webstore. That being said, feel free to submit anyway, you can let us know that you want to do a different arrangement ($$$) and we can work out something.

Application will be open from December 1st to December 31st at Midnight

  • Between 16 and 28 pages (including cover)
  • Fiction or nonfiction/auto-bio are accepted
  • A self-contained concept (no series)
  • Comics/sequential art (no prose or art books)
  • All rights fully owned by the author(s)
  • Aligned with CRAM books as a publisher. (Just because we haven't published something, doesn't mean we won't FYI)
  • Finished comic or a thorough draft that should not require much editing. Ideally, finished comic is the best. This is your vision

Apply here!

Our Goal with Mini-Comic Month 2024:
CRAM books has been making comics since late 2021. Our first book was Me and Night by Angela Fanche. The concept was to make a book that felt like a diary, meaning it had to feel precise. The result was a 112 page hand-made staple-bound book. We are extremely proud of what we made with Angela and consider it a success.

For the past 2 years, we've made 9 other books, each requiring mind boggling amounts of man hours. CRAM books was started to make these high quality hand-made books but project after project, we're finding ourselves further from our goal of publishing new works and instead mostly just work on finishing the production of old works.

We still plan on publishing high quality hand-made books and we have 3 lined up for next year that we are very excited about...but we also want to have fun and make some mini-comics again!!! Inspired by not only Silver Sprocket's recent call of submissions but also by the publishing efforts of defunct press like Sparkplug Books and Oily Comics, CRAM books hopes to realign itself with it's orginal goal of publishing funny, sad and honest comics!! And LOTS OF THEM!! Thank you for trusting us with your work, and excited to read everyone's comics!